Terms & Conditions

1. To avoid suffering, we, the owners, consent to matted hair being shaved off.


2. At Pets Grooming & Care, the security of a dog and our staff is of utmost significance. If we believe a dog’s conduct poses a risk to them or to our staff, we have the right to reject the service.


3. The dog is sound physical. (The owner assumes all risks associated with grooming ill or aged pets. Grooming may reveal underlying skin or health issues for which we are not responsible.)


4. The dog has received all of its shots. Unvaccinated dogs pose a risk to themselves and to others.


5. A network that links pet owners and groomers is called Pets Grooming & Care. Pets Grooming & Care disclaims all liability and responsibility for any accidents that may occur. Groomers are aware that they must deal with the owner personally for any harm they may have caused.


6. It must be agreed upon and acknowledged that even though your dog(s) will receive the best care possible, you adopt them at your own risk. Our top priority is your dog’s safety, so in the event of an accident or sickness, a veterinarian may be summoned. Unless it can be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that we are at fault, the owner is responsible for all costs associated with and incurred in carrying out this order. (We advise getting dog insurance.)


7. As a client, I accept that my dog’s picture may be photographed and used for marketing reasons as well as on the underdog website and social media.